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Laura Preston and Tanja Widmann, eds., Postapocalyptic Self-Reflection.
English, 20,4x26,9 cm, 30 color and 6 black-and-white ill., 208 pages, 2 different covers, 600 ex.
Contributions by Kerstin Stakemeier, Stephan Dillemuth, Amy Lien and Enzo Camacho, Georgie Nettell, Mark von Schlegell, Tonio Kröner, Jenny Nachtigall, et al.
Reprints of Rachel Carson and Nora K. Jemisin.
ISBN 978-3-903216-02-0

By the same publisher,

Lisa Holzer, I Sweat.
English, 23,5x30 cm, 52 full-page color ill., 112 pages, 4 different covers, 500 ex.
ISBN 978-3-903216-01-3

Deluxe edition available: all four covers with Crystal Clear urethane resin drops of sweat, signed and numbered. Limited to 10 ex. €150,-

Tonio Kröner, ed., Silhouettes, with texts by Vanessa Place, Simon Thompson, and Keaton Ventura.
English, 12x17 cm, 3 spot color double-spreads, 68 pages, 580 ex.
ISBN 978-3-903216-00-6

David Jourdan, Untitled (Ritournelle), with drawings by two-years-old Ivy Komenda.
23,5x32,5 cm, 12 pages, 50 ex.

Cosima Rainer, ed., Vogelsbergeriana—20 Jahre Galerie der Stadt Schwaz / Johannes Porsch. Project Proposal #8. Selective Memory Series*.
German, 16,8x23 cm, black-and-white ill., 192 pages, 500 ex.
ISBN 978-3-9502302-9-1

David Jourdan, ed., Eight Years.
English, 16,9x23,8 cm, black-and-white ill., 224 pages, 585 ex.

Elfriede Jelinek, Gesammelte Gedichte / Poésies complètes. Édité et traduit par Magali Jourdan & Mathilde Sobottke.
German/French, 21x29,7 cm, 256 pages, 400 ex.
ISBN 978-3-9502302-8-4

David Jourdan, Tanja Widmann, From the Moment Communication Is Taken up as as Such the Display of Our Linguistic Capacity, , the Possibility Begins with of Transformation Means in a Discursive Situation Pure Purr.
English, 12,7x18,7 cm, 64 pages, 100 ex. Not for sale.

Katharina Zimmer, ed., Trisha Baga & No Brow (Der Popper-Knigge).
German, 29,7x42 cm, 14 pages, 40 ex.

Lisa Holzer, David Jourdan, eds., Six Years... (PoD version).
English, 15,2x22,8 cm, 218 pages.

Yves Mettler, Erin Olivia Weber, and Alexander Wolff, EU r US.
English, 28x29,7 cm, black-and-white ill., 112 pages, 400 ex.

Tan Lin, Bib., Rev. Ed.
English, 21,6x27,9 cm, black-and-white ill., 152 pages, 150 ex.

Tan Lin, Heath (Plagiarism/ Outsource), Notes towards the Definition of Culture, Untilted Heath Ledger Project, A History of the Search Engine, Disco OS (Bootleg Version).
English, 12x20 cm, color ill., 94 pages, 100 ex.

Johannes Porsch, a like A (Secondary revision of "Suche Bauplatz für Moschee").
German, 14.7x21 cm, color ill., 336 pages.

Tanja Widmann, To Make Oneself Similar in this Sense.
English, 21x29,7 cm, color ill., 96 pages, 300 ex.
ISBN 978-3-9502302-4-6

Nik Thoenen, Lorenzo le kou Meyr, Das Beiwerk.
German, 14,8x21 cm, 96 pages, 300 ex.
ISBN 978-3-9502302-7-7

David Jourdan, Pigpen.
German, 19,9x26,9 cm, 1 page, 500 ex.

Benoît Maire, The Square in a Forest.
English, 13,5x21 cm, 32 pages, 250 ex.
ISBN 978-3-9502302-6-0

Étienne Chambaud, ed., Medium nr.3. Adam Kleinman to Thomas Jefferson. Published as an insert in Gringo, Ausgabe 13.
English, 21x29,7 cm, 300 ex.
ISBN 978-3-9502302-2-2

Lisa Holzer, Die Hose paßt wirklich ausgezeichnet.
German, 15,5x21,8 cm, 6 color & 6 black-and-white ill., 56 pages, 150 ex.
ISBN 978-3-9502302-3-9

Constanze Schweiger, Skee Ba Doobie Do Wah.
17x24 cm, 12 color ill., 32 pages, 500 ex.
ISBN 978-3-9502302-5-3

David Jourdan, Th' Life an' Opinions of Tristram Shan'y, Juntleman, as enny fool kin plainly see. Voloom I.
16,7x22,8 cm, 84 pages, 300 ex.
ISBN 978-3-9502302-0-8

Maria Holzer, ed., Seltener Stil.
16,5x22,5 cm, color ill., 96 pages, 500 ex.
ISBN 978-3-9502302-1-5
Not for sale,-

Étienne Chambaud, David Jourdan, Économie de l'abondance ou La courte vie et les jours heureux.
French, 17,4x26 cm, color centerfold, 52 pages, 5000 ex.


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